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Just like all other sport clubs, POCO Lightning Speed Skating  Club is a not-for-profit organization.  Our organization depends on parental support to manage the club and raise additional funds to cover the costs of running it, so as not to impact fees directly. Luckily for skater's parents, volunteering for our club is also an extremely fun way to connect with other families to share other hobbies.

To ensure that our volunteer responsibilities are shared equally and fairly, we ask every family to complete 20 volunteer hours over the season. At the time of registration, we will require each family to provide a postdated volunteer fee deposit cheque of $400. To receive a refund at the end of the season, each family (regardless of the number of skaters in the family) must have completed 20 volunteer hours for the Club.  Please note: we will NOT be issuing partial refunds. 

Every parents must complete 2 hours of rink attendant each week and help out moving mats in and out should your kid(s) is/are skating that day. That way, we can make sure our skaters will not miss any ice practice time. Finally, participate in any volunteering position during a meet /regional competition is a Must.

Earning credit for volunteer hours
Each family must log and record its completed volunteer hours, and have these hours verified by the Volunteer Coordinator, or an executive member.  To earn credit for the work you have done, please drop off your your completed Volunteer Tracking Sheet to the Practices Committee  by the end of March/end of season.. If the sheet is not submitted by deadline, your cheque will be cashed. 

Note: No extensions, no emails, no scans, no text messaged forms will be accepted. 

If you have any questions about your volunteering responsibilities or opportunities, please contact us, or any member of our Executive listed on our website. 

Volunteer Deposit
As set out above, families must provide a postdated volunteer fee deposit cheque for $400 at the time of registration. For families who complete all of their required volunteer hours during the season will have their cheque destroyed.

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