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Volunteer Work:

PoCo Speed Skating is run by mostly volunteer staff and coaches. We require about 8-12 parents to help move our safety mats on and off the ice before and after each practice, and to get other safety and ice equipment on the ice on time. The parents of skaters in Group 1 MUST volunteer or hold an executive position-parents of Group 2 skaters are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to volunteer or hold other executive positions.

We are in constant need of new volunteers, executives, equipment managers, marketing, accounting positions, and more. If you have any previous experience or the time to commit to any of our available positions, or would like to reach out to extend help, please contact our club president Alex through the SIGNAL group chat (download the app on the app store) or via email:

Other than parental volunteer positions, skaters who reach HP level (Group 1, yellow team) may enter into a monthly volunteer coaching program. Skaters may receive volunteer hours for high school by helping coach younger Learn to Skate beginner speed skaters once a week under the guidance of our Group 2 & 3 coaches. *Contact your group’s head coach for more details.

If you cannot commit to an executive position, please consider helping our volunteer parents and coaches through other means or reaching out to extend help in any other way. We greatly appreciate our volunteer parents-without you, PoCo Lightning Speed Skating would not exist! Thank you to all of our parents, coaches, skaters, and other volunteers.

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