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GROUP ONE - HIGH PERFORMANCE (HP) SKATERS  - Practice four times per week


The High-Performance program, designed for our top-tier skaters, is offered to those who have participated in the Development program for one or more seasons. Skaters in the HP program engage in four weekly practice sessions. They undergo rigorous training to excel in national, regional, and provincial competitions, and admission requires the coach's approval. 


GROUP TWO - DEVELOPMENT SKATERS - Practice three times per week


Within the Development program, skaters hold the status of Provincial or Club athletes and engage in training sessions three times a week. Those in the Development group 3 have the option to participate in provincial or local competitions should they desire to do so. Competing Development skaters are required to possess a properly fitted cut-suit. Our club strongly advocates for Development skaters to invest in their own gear, which not only proves to be cost-effective but also contributes to enhancing their skating performance.


GROUP THREE - DEVELOPMENT SKATERS - Practice two or three times per week


Skaters in this group are considered Club athletes and practice 2 or 3 times per week. Rental of the Club’s speed skates, and safety gear is optional, and the Club encourages the skaters to buy their own equipment as it is cost-effective overall and helps to improve the skater’s performance. Our Club periodically organizes group purchases for discounted pricing. Group 3 skaters can compete in local competitions.


GROUP FOUR - LEARN TO SPEED SKATING - Two sessions per week for five weeks


Provided by the Lightning Speed Skating Club, this thriving program spans over five weeks and caters to youth intrigued by the sport but not prepared to make a complete seasonal commitment. Skaters engage in two weekly sessions, held on weekends at POCO Ice Rink and / or at Planet Ice Coquitlam.

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