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Learn To Speed Skate (once per week for 10 weeks) $275

The Learn-To-Speed-Skate (L2SS) program runs twice per week for 10 weeks, in which the skater

receives basic training on how to skate on ice, how to glide, and finally speed skating

fundamentals. The L2SS program fee includes rental of speed skates and all safety gear.

However, skaters can use their own speed skates or safety gear (e.g. helmet) in good condition.

Skaters are permitted to register in the L2SS program one time only. After the L2SS program,

skaters register for the regular skate program described below.


Development 2-3 days /week $900 - $1000

In the Development program, the skater is considered a Club athlete and practices 2 or 3 times

per week. Rental of the Club’s speed skates and safety gear is optional, and the Club encourages

Development skaters to buy their own equipment as it is cost efficient in long run and greatly

helps to improve the skater’s performance. Our Club periodically organizes group purchases for

discounted pricing. Development skaters have the opportunity to compete in local competitions,

if they are interested. Development skaters who compete must have their own fitted cut-suit

(typically costing about $500).

Development Cost:

2x/week $900 (September to March), plus annual BCSSA/SSC membership fees of $83

3x/week $1000 (September to March), plus annual BCSSA/SSC membership fees of $83


High Performance (HP) $1300 - $1400 plus BCSSA & SSC (COACH APPROVAL REQUIRED)

The High-Performance (HP) program is for our elite skaters group, typically after having skated in

the Development program for one or more seasons. HP skaters train to compete regionally and

provincially and are admitted only with approval of the coach.


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