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Our rental program guidelines as follow:

Season (September to March):

Boot, blade and full gear            $350

Boot only                                 $100

Blade only                               $150

Gear only                                $100

Monthly Rate (extended season only):

Boot, blade and full gear.           $50/month

Blade only                               $22/month

Boot only                                 $15/month

Gear only                                $15/month

Conditions of rental:

  • All rentals must have $500 deposit in place against any damage or loss.

  • Skaters are responsible for a skate sharpening and maintenance during the duration of the the rental. The club typically run skate sharpening demonstration periodically during the season.

  • Skaters must not take the skates to commercial sharpening service as it would damage the blades.

  • Skaters must accepts responsibility for any loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear.

  • Any damage to any rental item will be deducted from the deposit.

  • Blade must be sharpened prior to return or leave a $20 bill on the booth for the sharpening service done by senior skaters.

  • All booth and gears returned in clean condition.

  • Skaters are encourage to purchase their own safety gears after their first rental. 

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