Explanation of Long Term Participant and Athletic Development Model

At the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the BC Speed Skating Association, the membership, representing speed skating clubs across BC, adopted Long Term Participant and Athletic Development Model (LtPAD).  This sports and competitions development model comes from the Canadian Sport for Life model, a multi-sport model developed by for all Canadians in all sports

Speed Skating Canada’s Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Model (LTPAD) is Speed Skating Canada’s commitment to ensure that every participant has the best learning environment possible at every stage of development to achieve their full potential in speed skating.  The LTPAD Model defines the best learning participation environment at each stage of development by taking into account physical, mental, cognitive and emotional factors.   All skaters and their parents are encouraged to review “Racing on Skates”, Speed Skate Canada’s review of the LTPAD Competitions and Events system which outlines how the LTPAD model has been interpreted and applied to speed skating training and competitions across BC.