Equipment and Uniforms


New Helmet Rule
Helmets description – Safety headgear which has a seal of certification meeting the actual ASTM F 1849 Standards and which must be securely fastened under the chin. A BCSSA approved helmet is best for protection while skating.

Gloves or Mitts must be non-woven and made of a cut and water resistant material.

Neck guards must be bib style and made with ballistic nylon or Kevlar cut resistant material as the main material. (Hockey bib style neck guards).

Gloves or Mitts must be non-woven and made of a cut and water resistant material.

Knee pads should be thick to provide adequate protection and should be snug fitting so that they do not slide down.  They are made from special cloth so as to slow down sliding and protect the knees when one falls.

Elbow Pads are optional for Junior group.

Shin pads must be worn, and be made of hard plastic. They are a bit smaller than soccer pads but have the same use.

Skates: Speed Skaters use special boots and blades.   The boots have no ankle support compared to hockey skates and the blades are longer.  The boots should fit snug enough to prevent any movement inside the skate. Short track speed skates are included, for the season,  with registration from our club allowing them to grow with their skates.  Please do not put your skater in old skates that no longer have adequate support.

A rag is requited as it is very important that skates are dried after every use.

Skate Guards must always be worn when not on the ice. Put your guards on before you step off of the ice and do not walk on the toes of the skates, walk on the flat of the blades. Use the knitted blade protectors while transporting your skates and store skates removed from your bag with knitted blade protectors off.

Jigs:   Skates are hand sharpened.  Skaters can sign out jigs to sharpen their skates until they are ready to purchase their own.

Goggles: All skaters are required to wear goggles/safety glasses during meets.  We recommend skaters also wear goggles during practice.  Inexpensive safety glasses are available at retailers around town.  Or, sport specific speed skating glasses are available through online retailers.

Clothing for skaters must be long sleeved clothing and should not wear bulky jackets or jeans. Generally, several thin layers are better than one garment Our club rents Competition Skin suits yearly. The clothes should allow freedom of movement conform to the body shape so as not to cause unnecessary wind resistance. provide necessary warmth.

Warm Socks: They need to be thin in order to fit into the speed skates but warmth is important, thus the brand hot chillis are a popular choice.

Water Bottle: Must be present at every practice and meet.


You cannot put a price on your skaters safety. Please do not place your skaters on the ice with inadequate equipment.