Who Are We ??


The Poco Lightning Speed Skating Club is a part of the Coastal Region of BC and a Member of the BC Speed Skating Association.  We work with other clubs in our region to provide opportunities, close to home, for skaters to participate and develop their skills.

We have a great team of coaches and assistance who are NCCP certified and focused on providing opportunities for each and every member to excel within their abilities.  We offer a multilevel program from which our skaters are supported and encouraged to met personal goals while building their self confidence and most of all, having fun.

Our team of coaches/assistance is currently comprised of :

Barb Beck ( head coach )

Lucy Lee ( High Performance )

Louise McLaren

We offer three levels of our program so we can support various skill levels from beginner to advanced.    The season runs from September and ends around March break.

The following are some key aspects of our program :

Dry land training:  This program is an adjunct to our weekly practices.  It runs over the spring &  summer from May – September; recommended for all competative skaters 10 & up.

It’s goal is to build core strength, endurance and balance off ice , while improving a skaters on ice performance.

COMPETITIONS:  Participants are encouraged to participate in competitions, but competitions are not mandatory. Recent changes by Speed Skating Canada, have provided us with competition formats aimed to suit the age and development of participants. With 9 clubs in the lower mainland from Vancouver to Chiliwack, we enjoy a lively competition circuit.  Participants pay a registration fee to compete at each meet.

The following are our levels of Meets :

”Mini-meet”  short meet, with a specified group invited to attend.

Interclubs – open to all skaters; skaters generally skate with others of the same ability;

BC Cup Meets – open to skaters who meet a specified criteria – age & time (11* years and older); skaters are divided into divisions by time and may skate heats, semis and finals in each distance to determine overall points.  Sometimes a short ’‘Interclub” meet occurs in conjuction with a BC Cup to allow skaters who do not meet the criteria an opportunity to race.

FUNales; A wind up meet in a club “close to home” at the end of the season with races & fun events for skaters up to L2T age group (*girls up to 10, boys up to 11).

AGE CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS: At the end of each season, a championship meet is held in BC. Skaters from all over the province skate against others in their age category to determine the BC AGE CLASS CHAMPION; BC Speed Skating provides medals for the top 4 in each age class. BC AGE CLASS (from 11* to 99years old) *all T2T age skaters ie boys 12 – 15, girls 11 – 14 as of Jun3o at the season start.

 CANADA WEST CHAMPIONSHIP: Top skaters from each age category up to JUN B who competed  at the BC Age Class Championship  may be eligible to skate against top skaters from the western provinces and territories.

CANADIAN SHORT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: Top skaters from the age categories Jun B & older, (determined by BCSSA High Performance) may be  eligible to compete at this meet against top skaters from all the provinces and territories.